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Fantastic! We are so happy to announce that owners have begun to pick up their new SkyShed POD-S observatories at the factory in Shallow Lake, ON! Wow!


We begin with “local” pick ups and expand the distance like ripples in a pond. Soon we’ll be shipping POD-S units all over Canada and the United States. After that we’ll go intercontinental.


SkyShed POD-S is a new benchmark in remote-operation-capable observatories. Either for your backyard, or for space companies and organizations. Several hundred customers are lined up and we have a lot of work to do! We love a challenge. šŸ˜‰


Special thanks to the dozens of friends and companies who’ve worked with us for over 3 years, 7 days a week, to bring an amazing line of observatories to fruition. We will list them all when we get a chance. They are all amazing. All of them go way above and beyond to help us be successful.


That’s because they know what SkySheds will be used for. They see the life enhancement and happiness we’ve helped bring to thousands of astronomers around the world over the decades.


Imagine what it’s like to own a company where you are surrounded by great friends who work just as hard or harder on a project than you do. Plus to have thousands of customers who love you and let you know it every day. šŸ™‚


How can you not love what you do when when customers who become friends post FB messages like this. From our friend and SkyShed POD owner Ron Clanton . Thanks Ron! Our happiness derives from seeing your journey unfold as you explore the universe. šŸ™‚


All the names of the astronomers over the many years, float around in my head like stars in the night sky. We watch them get brighter and brighter as their journey unfolds. Some become famous astro writers, photographers, speakers, teachers, You Tubers., etc.


We can not take responsibility for their success! We are only enablers who assist where we can. The journey is theirs. We work to create assistance and sign posts along the way. By creating platforms which will serve them well and last a lifetime. And in using our inventions ourselves. We are fellow explorers. We treasure that. šŸ™‚


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! To all of those who’ve been with us for decades and are closer to the end of their journey. To those just beginning their journey, and everyone in between – We see you! We love you. šŸ™‚ Keep going! We’ll do what we can to assist.


Over the next months and years you’ll see another journey. The journey of SkyShed POD-S in its variations. The places it will go, the people it will please, the science it will support. I’ll be showing you glimpses of that as I get the chance.


We’re rolling out slowly and carefully. Getting our legs under us, and scaling up as we go. Soon there will be a steady stream of POD-S units being picked up and loaded onto trailers for shipping to far flung destinations.


Here are some shots of the very first pick up. Our new friend Bill M from Southern Ontario. Bill’s POD-S Mk IV XL5 is number 00002. Mine is 00001. šŸ˜‰


TJ Connolly is arriving soon from NY to pick up his POD-S Mk IV XL4. It will be great to meet TJ in person after being “SkyShed POD friends” remotely for years. Tim is very popular and has a lot of friends wishing him well in the next phase of his astro journey. That’s great!


Here’s where the hard work pays off. Since Bill picked up his POD-S he has posted to our friendly POD/POD-S discussion group with his thoughts a few times. Here are some quotes –


“Wayne and the staff at the factory were well prepared for my visit.” “I’m DELIGHTED!!” “If everyone has half the positive experience that I had (and continue to have) you can’t help but walk around with a big grin.” “I’m still smiling.” “It couldn’t have been a better day”. “I’m still grinning 2 days later!”


I hope Bill doesn’t mind me taking the liberty in posting his comments. šŸ™‚


It’s too cold out to assemble right now. My buddy Stave Mallia Ontario Telescope and Accessories and I are going to visit and assist and Bill and his friend Brian in building his POD-S soon. I can’t wait!


Fresh air! Building Bill’s POD-S! Seeing it come to life. It also gives us an opportunity to see assembly from the owner’s point of view, in their setting.


Here are some shots from Bill’s pick up. These will also help those who are coming to pick up. They give you an idea of the size of the panels, and the help you get in loading up. There are several colour combos to chose from with your POD-S. Bill chose a Lunar Gray Dome with a Desert Tan Wall / Bays


I’ll start with a couple of glam shots, so that new friends know what I’m talking about. Then shots from Bill’s pick up.

Onward and Upward! To the Universe and Beyond!


Clear Skies!