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We have begun posting almost daily POD-S updates in our friendly SkyShed POD discussion group on, rather than here on the POD-S site. We can update the discussion group a lot faster and more frequently then the website.

To be “in the know” and up on the latest POD-S news, please join the SkyShed POD discussion group at – Search for the SkyShed POD group.

If you are already a member of (many popular astro groups there), you can simply search for the SkyShed POD group in and join. Or email

One of the reasons why is preferred by many astro groups is because they only ask for an email address to join. Unlike the old Yahoo forums, they don’t ask for a lot of information.

If you join, then the SkyShed POD group (this is very important), you can go into your SkyShed POD group dashboard and set your message settings to No Email (read online) or Daily Digest. This way every group post doesn’t come to your Inbox. The group can get busy with excited new owners.

You’ll then have access to Topics, Tips, Photos, Files, other members, etc. These will become even more valuable once we’re making your POD-S, and again when you receive your POD-S and begin to use it.

We were going to create a separate group for POD-S from the POD group, but members welcomed discussion of both domes in the same place. And a lot of what is talked about overlaps.

So please join. Set your message setting to No Email if you like. This way, you can “check in” any time you like, without being notified every time a message, etc., is posted. And you’ll always be “in the know” with what’s happening with POD-S production and shipping, etc.



JANUARY 12th, 2023

Hi everyone,

Everything is going very well with preproduction! We are working on a lot of little things in various departments. So there’s not a lot of exciting stuff to update you with.

We will be working on drawings with measurements shortly, and be adding them to the More Info page. To help in your planning. I’ll let you know when we upload those.

In the meantime, for those of you who are wondering how we make the POD-S panels; Here are a few shots from the factory. Showing a little of the Rotational-Molding process we use to create the panels.

The photos show the POD-S taller Bay being made on the tri-arm machine. Fresh “out of the oven”. Notice that after the part is made, we cut the face out of it to create an opening into the Bay. So when the photo was taken there was still a “face” on the Bay. 

The POD-S dome is made by combining left and right “semi-domes”. Here’s a shot of a POD-S semi-dome mold producing a semi-dome part, on the new million dollar “large machine” at the factory. 

Once fully up and running we’ll be able to produce five complete POD-S domes per production day using this process.

I hope this helps to shed some light for those who are not familiar with how we make the POD-S panels.

Clear Skies!


December 6th, 2022

Whoo-Who! The big day arrived! When we can tell the astro world about SkyShed POD-S, and the new POD / POD-S models!  We’re very excited about our new POD line up. If you spend some time reading this website, we think you will be too!

See you again soon.


Wayne Parker
SkyShed Observatories Owner