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Interested in the New POD-S?
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You can place a deposit to get your name in the production line, or to sign up for latest updates.
Some of the questions we’ve been getting asked most recently:
1) Can you change your choices later?
Yes, your deposit creates a place for you in the production line. Your choices help us to forecast trends in working with suppliers. There will be time to change aspects of your choices before we go into production. We’ll be staying in touch, and you may contact us to talk about it at any time. 
2) Can I add the new POD-S dome and motor system to my existing POD walls/Bays?
Yes, we have designed the POD-S dome and motor/control such that it works elegantly with the existing POD Wall/Bays. For more information about adding the POD-S dome to your existing POD wall/Bays, please visit the FAQ page for more information.
Please be sure to read all the information on the website, especially our FAQ’s before proceeding. It will answer most of your questions. We thank you for your interest!


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PLEASE NOTE - For those placing a deposit - I understand that SkyShed POD-S fully motorized units will not begin shipping until mid-2023. I can cancel my request at any time and my $500 USD deposit will be returned within 30 days of cancellation.

For those NOT placing a deposit - I understand that I am not placing a pre-order at this time and am only expressing my interest in the new POD-S for planning purposes only.