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SkyShed Observatories has been building observatories and winning the hearts of astronomers around the world since 2003. We have a variety of products to suit your Astronomy needs.

We offer Building Plans for our Roll Off SkySheds. Sizes range from 6 X 8′ to 10 X 14′. They are suitable for the DIY’er, or work with you local contractor.

Our SkyShed POD is a high quality, simple to own and operate Dome Observatory, which has a simple, innovative design like no other.

SkyShed POD-S is perfect if your budget is larger, and you want not only more space inside, but also the ability to add our POD-S motor/control system for motorized on-site and remote/ASCOM operation.

Our larger 12.5′ SkyShed POD MAX is suitable for larger telescopes (normally 17″ and up). Developed mainly for Astronomy Clubs, Astronomy Outreach, Public Use, Schools, Tracking, and Science Research. *Note due to the amount of hardware and lack of timely supply for some hardware parts at this time, we are not expecting to make POD MAX’s again until 2024. We’ll focus more on the new POD-S in 2023.

We have an assortment of extras and add-ons including our much-loved SkyShed Piers.

We are dedicated to your satisfaction. If you have any questions or concerns please Contact Us by email, or by phone at 519-272-9081.

SkyShed Headquarters are located near Dublin, Ontario, Canada.